When decorating a large living room

When decorating a large living room, you can quickly get tangled up with the available space. If you put too much in it, it becomes so crowded and cluttered, but if you do too little, it can quickly feel cold and empty. So we have some tips that will help you create an impressive, peaceful large living room.

Create separation
It may be contrary to the size of the living room that you want to emphasize, yet it can give a very spacious illusion to create separate small ‘spaces’. You can use all sorts of things for this. With a rug, sofa or television cabinet you draw lines in the room that you can use as a thread for all the other furniture you want to put down. Think of them as transparent walls that you can move around.

Not too many eye-catchers
To make a large space not too crowded, make sure you have some real eye-catchers in the room. These are objects that stand out and immediately attract your attention when you enter the room. Good eye-catchers include a dark corner sofa, a large television, a colorful painting or a well-stocked bookcase. Bonus points if the eye-catchers immediately emphasize the function of the space. This gives the space value and makes it feel functional. Try to incorporate two or three into the space. More is possible, but be careful not to make it too busy. Here you can read more about at

Leave the walls free
If you put in a large room furniture against the wall it quickly has an empty and chilly appearance. You do not use the size and there is soon an empty middle of the room, what should be the showpiece. If you use the middle of the room as a starting point, the living room gets a lot more volume. By the way, you don’t have to stay completely away from the walls, but try, for example, moving the sofa just half a meter away from the wall. It makes a big difference.